Thursday, May 15, 2014

End-of-the-Semester Update: Interface Team

  • The interface Group collaborated to identify electronic artifacts.
  • Collected Artifacts.
  • Tested artifacts for basic function. 
  • Documented a profile for each electronic artifact.
  • Collected the Logistics for the interface work. (Such as Rasberry pies and memory cards)
  • Collaborated to collect some historical videos for prototyping.
  • In process to create a secured mounting method to each artifact on the exhibition carts.

End-of-the-Semester Update: Graphics Team

Finalizing the Logo:

Two rows of logo variations. The top row is primarily text, reading "Patient No More!" with a large exclamation point in typewriter font.  The second row is the same text in white on a background of a protest picket sign.
Different variations of picket signs with words "Patient No More."
Color Palettes:

First row: Reddish browns, Second row: pale blues and deep oranges, Last Row: Light yellow and creams
Three group of color palette choices going from top down.
Layouts Concepts for Exhibit Carts:
Text and logo on left, four black and white historical images on right.
Layout concept exploring text and images placement.
Text and logo on right, four black and white historical images on right.
Placement of logo switched to top left corner compared to first concept.
Large black and white photo and logo on left, text in middle, two smaller historical images on right
Second layout concept for placing text and images.
Three black and white images of the same size across the top, text in wide paragraph along bottom, logo bottom right.
Third layout concept for text and images.