Thursday, March 20, 2014

Introduction / Logistics Team

A solid purple banner containing Paul K Longmore's logo sits in the center with the words "Patient No More!" underneath.
Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability. Patient No More Logo

Hello, we are interns assisting Professors Pino Trogu and Silvan Linn alongside the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability.


The overall goal of our project is to establish a brand styling and complete fabrication of the Institute’s commemorative 25th anniversary exhibit of the Americans with Disabilities Act that will happen in 2015. By incorporating different forms of accessibility into the exhibit, we can show how to approach this topic in a creative way.


This exhibit intends to explore the nearly month-long occupation of SF’s Health, Education, and Welfare Building in April 1977. They pushed to pass Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act in order to grant equal civil rights to people with disabilities. The protest grouped together a widely diverse group of people of varying disabilities and also successfully obtained their civil rights. By expanding on Paul K. Longmore’s concepts of social justice, we hope this exhibit provides viewers with new ideas and changing ideas about disability and the people it affects as well as tell their unheard stories from this strong movement.

The exhibit will be based at the new Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, accessible from the Ashby BART station. You can also visit the Institute here on the SFSU campus in the Humanities Building, Room 135.

Ed Roberts Campus Rotunda looking at the center from the beginning of the climb.
Ed Roberts Campus Rotunda


The DAI department grew involved due to the Institute’s goal to outreach to SFSU to make this exhibit possible. We are participating to capture part of history than just standing idly by similar to how the protesters felt. In that way, the title “Patient no More!” is very fitting. With our skills, we are working to showcase these ideas in a concise manner that will spark interest. It also gives us many opportunities to increase interdisciplinary relationships and showcase the changes our students are making.


To start, Logistics team banded together to get the group going. Everyone grouped into what was fitting for their skills.

Contact and Time Sheet on Google Drive with contact information, hours, and a currently working on list.
Contact and Time Sheet via Google Drive

First task was to ideate, set up smaller prototypes, and create a final full-scale mock up of the exhibit display to be used to house the exhibit pieces.

Images, sketches, and lists are pinned to a board with another image of miniature models on a table.
Mood board and ideations
Pinned to the wall are several sketches of model ideations.
Sketches to determine final styling and sizing.
A full-size cardboard exhibit display model inside the Ed Roberts building.
Full-size prototype for review. Received good feedback.

From there, logistics looked to dividing and organizing teams to allocate specific tasks to. By using Google Drive, this allowed the team to send updates to the other interns in a more effective manner. To keep track of at-internship hours, a planer log sheet was created as well as a weekly update sheet. Aside from updates, the Logistics teams also assists with the 3D, Graphics, and Interface team.

Patient No More's files listed on the Google Drive site. It consists of group folders, timesheet, and word documents.
Folder breakdown via Google Drive
Time sheet grid for students to fill in their hours.
Time Sheet format for in-class
Longmore Exhibit Updates Document highlighting specific tasks that need to be completed.
Update Log via Google Drive

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