Sunday, March 9, 2014

Laser Cut Kiosk Models 3D group

Process to make the laser cut kiosk models, using peanut eraser as a weight.
Image shows laser cut wooden template of miniature exhibit kiosk models to be assembled.
Laser cut template of miniature kiosk model pieces.

A wooden laser cut miniature kiosk model is assembled and has a peanut eraser on top for size reference.
Miniature kiosk model assembled with peanut eraser for size reference.

Image shows side view of a wooden miniature kiosk model with a peanut eraser on top and Elmer's glue next to it.
Side view of miniature kiosk model with Elmer's glue bottle for size reference.

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  1. I like the peanut! Let's propose giant colored peanuts hanging from the ceiling (to replace the balloons that were just taken down ;-)