Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 4th Meeting at Ed Roberts Center

Image shows a closeup of the exhibit display cardboard model from the side.
Closeup of exhibit display cardboard model.

A top frontal view of the white building model shows the small exhibit displays and chairs in placeand how the layout would look.
Top frontal view of building model with small chairs and exhibit displays in place.

A full scale exhibit display made of cardboard stands inside the Ed Roberts Campus while a variety of colored circular paper lanterns hang from the ceiling.
Full-scale exhibit display model inside the Ed Roberts Campus.

Board members stand around a table that has the Ed Roberts Campus white miniature model showing how the exhibit displays will look in place.
Board members gather around table with building model showing exhibit displays in place.

A student stands next to the full-scale exhibit display cardboard model within the Ed Roberts Campus.
Student stands next to exhibit display to show scale of model.

Image shows a hallway from within the Ed Roberts Campus that leads to the parking lot. Picture frames line the two walls.
Hallway leading to the Ed Roberts Campus Parking lot.

Image shows the center of the red rotunda looking from the viewpoint of the platform entrance.
Viewpoint from the rotunda platform's entrance looking towards its center.

Image shows the viewpoint from the center of the rotunda looking up at the hanging red platform held by thick cables.
Viewpoint from the center looking towards the hanging rotunda platform.
Image shows viewpoint from the rotunda's platform looking down at its center. Below, a student stands next to the exhibit display model.
Viewpoint from the rotunda's platform looking down towards its center. Student stands next to exhibit model below.

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